DNA | How to choose between Standard vs. Accelerated Ad Delivery method In Google Adwords
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Standard vs Accelerated Ad Delivery in Adwords

Standard vs Accelerated Ad Delivery in Adwords

 Ad Delivery methods

Do you ever realize? How an ad delivery methods can be beneficial to your campaign. Your ad delivery methods determine how long your budget lasts. While creating a campaign on Google Adword, you have a choice to determine your delivery methods, a “standard” or an “accelerated”.

Choose “Standard” or “Accelerated” ad delivery –

You have two options for ad delivery methods: “Standard” (the default setting for all campaigns, and optimizes your budget by spending it throughout the day) or “Accelerated” (which is not recommended for most advertisers).

“Standard” Delivery Methods –

The standard delivery method focuses on distributing your budget across the entire day (12 a.m. – 11:59 p.m.) to avoid exhausting your budget early on. It has been recommended for new advertisers if they want to reach customers evenly throughout the day. This method also helpful for small businesses to avoid spending entire budget in the morning. Since your ad delivery occurs throughout the day, you might not see your ad appear every time you look for it, particularly if your campaign is limited by budget.

“Accelerated” Delivery Methods –

Accelerated delivery is optimized less. It spends your budget more quickly, usually at the start of the day (i.e., 12:00 am). Because of this, accelerated delivery isn’t recommended for most advertisers. With accelerated delivery, there is a better chance your budget will be completely used for each day. This is because Google enters your ad into every eligible ad auction as long as you have budget left until your limit is reached. If you have a high volume keyword and a limited budget, your ad might stop showing around noon.

Accelerated delivery is great for getting a top position with a low budget. Because accelerated aims to use your budget as fast as possible, your ads may show up higher on the page and get more costly clicks.

You may get more clicks with accelerated delivery than standard because of higher ad positioning, which will allow more people to notice your ads.

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