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A complete social media certification unveiling the secrets of online branding and online reputation management. Join our 100% practical courses. Go Digital with DnA.
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Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a process of choosing the right social media platform, strategizing about content, audience and budget and posting an advertisement to improve brand awareness or product sale of the business

Jobs in Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone is online and uses social media. What could be a better platform to market a product? There have been 245% improvement in jobs in this field since last year and it’s gradually increasing. Companies are looking for certified social media marketers.

Why do you need a certification in Social Media Marketing?

Since Social Media is a skill-based role, every recruiter looks for a certification followed by some practical interview rounds.

Duration of the course and fee structure

In this course, you learn through a 100% practical approach. This means that you will create Social Media Ads for a real website (not demo environments) and you can see those results live.

The duration of this course is up-to 1.5 months.

Our fee structure is least in the market and customized based on your learning needs and you can pay in instalments. Please give us a call back to know more.

Course syllabus:

Below are the key topics covered in course syllabus:


  • Introduction to social media
    • Evolution of social media
    • Need of social media
    • Facts and stats about social media
    • Walkthrough of different social media platforms
    • Modern communication
    • Reputation management
    • Customer engagement and content


  • Social media strategy and planning
    • Introduction
    • Defining business goals and the right platform
    • Defining the target audience
    • Types of content to post or promote


  • Social Media Platforms and creating Live Ads (Practical session)
    • Facebook – introduction and advertising through Live Ads
    • Instagram – introduction and advertising through Live Ads
    • Twitter – introduction and advertising through Live Ads
    • YouTube – introduction and advertising through Live Ads
    • LinkedIn – introduction and advertising through Live Ads
    • Other platforms – introduction and advertising through Live Ads


  • Social media management tools
    • Introduction
    • Why to use social media management tools
    • Tool introduction and live demo – Buffer
    • Tool introduction and live demo – HootSuite
    • Tool introduction and live demo – Social Studio


  • Social Media Analytics and Reporting
    • Introduction
    • Key social media performance indicators
    • Social media analytics – live Demo


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