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Growth Hacking

What will you achieve after this course?

Clear definition of “Growth Hacking” and How you could use Growth techniques for customer acquisition

Learn how companies have applied Growth Hacking for Customer Acquisition.
Understand various stages of Customer Life Cycle and be able to identify what stage customer is at.
Learn how to apply A2R2 (Attract, Activate, Retain, Reap) Growth Hacking Framework for Customer Acquisition.
Get to know tools for Growth Hacking at different stages in customer lifecycle
Create a growth hack strategy in order to optimize an existing product / company’s conversion funnel.
Get suggestions for your Growth Challenges and run experiments with Growth Hacker

Module 1- Growth Hacking Basics and Attraction Hacks

  1. Growth Hacking Basics
  2. Definition of “Growth Hacking”, Role of a Growth Hacker
  3. Growth Hacking History and Hall of Fame- some stellar growth hacks
  4. Customer Lifecycle
  5. Growth Hacking Funnel: Introduction to A2R2 Growth Framework
  6. Attraction Hacks
  7. Channel: Real World, Digital, Paid, Earned
  8. Multi Channel Targeting
  9. Case Study- Attraction Hack
  10. Tools for attraction Hacks
  11. Deep Dive: Scraping the web/ building email list

Module 2- Activation Hacks

  1. Activation Hacks
  2. Aha Moment!
  3. Conversion rate Optimization- UX/ UI
  4. Case Study- Activation Hack
  5. Tools for Activation Hacks
  6. Deep DiveUI/ UX for Conversion
  7. Create Plan to Attract and Activate Visitors/ Customers

Module 3- Retention Hacks

  1. Core Product Value
  2. Product Discovery/ Learn Path
  3. Case Study- Retention Hack
  4. Early Adopters and Focused groups
  5. Tools for Activation Hacks
  6. Deep Dive + AMA: User Curation
  7. Create Plan to Retain Customers

Module 4- Reap ( Amplification) Hacks + Lean Iterations

  1. Viral Product and Viral Campaigns
  2. Product Virality
  3. Viral Campaigns
  4. Case Study- Reap Hack
  5. Tools for Amplification
  6. Lean Startup/ Product- concepts
  7. Lean Marketing
  8. Setting up and Measuring Experiments
  9. Setting Goals and Measuring
  10. Create Virality Plan

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