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Our specially created syllabus for this Digital Marketing Certification includes a Google Adwords certificate. Join our 100% practical courses. Go Digital with DnA.
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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a process of using online platforms like Google, Facebook, etc. to market your product or service.

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

Jobs in Digital Marketing

As Digital Marketing has a cost-effective and quick result, there are plenty of opportunities in Digital Marketing. As compared to 200, there has been a 650%++ growth in Digital Marketing related jobs.

Why do you need a certification in Digital Marketing?

Since Digital marketing is a skill-based role, every recruiter looks for a certification followed by some practical interview rounds. While you can earn certificates from Google by doing this course, a practical training is also required to crack your next job interview or getting a new client.

Duration of the course and fee structure

In this course, you learn through a 100% practical approach. This means that you actually create Advertisements on real websites (not demo environments) and you can see your Ads in public and show it to your friends. At least 10 Ads in different platforms are set up by each student.

The duration of this course is up-to 3 months.

Our fee structure is least in the market and customized based on your learning needs and you can pay in instalments. Please give us a call back to know more.

Certifications you receive after this course

Below are the key certificates you receive after doing this course:


  1. Certification from Google – Google Ads Fundamentals
  2. Certification from Google – Search Advertising
  3. Certification from Google – Display Advertising
  4. Certification from Google – Mobile Advertising
  5. Certification from Google – Video Advertising
  6. Certification from Google – Shopping Advertising
  7. Hub-spot certification – Social Media Marketing

Course syllabus:


  1. What are websites, microsites and landing pages
  2. Important things to consider before you set up website domain and server
  3. Content Management Systems and their roles
  4. Principles of good user experience and user interface
  5. Content & Structure Planning
  6. Navigation & Template Creation
  7. Website Audit and go live
  8. Control Panel & Account Management
  9. Continuous Website Maintenance


  1. Scope and expectations from the course
  2. Marketing in the digital world
  3. Integrated marketing – The Phygital
  4. Global trends in Digital Marketing
  5. Digital channels – Paid, Owned and Earned
  6. Fundamentals on the primary asset – your website
  7. Careers in digital marketing
  8. Skill development in digital marketing


  1. The Benefits Of An Online Strategy
  2. Taking A Business Online
  3. Understanding Customer Behavior
  4. How To Stand Out In Competition
  5. Using Goals To Improve Business


Part- 1 Fundamentals of Google Ads
  1. Understanding Pay-per-click Advertisement
  2. Significance and evolution of Google Ads in PPC
  3. Bing Ads vs Google Ads- overview
  4. Google Google Ads Certification Exam – Overview, Benefits and Preparation
  5. Google Ad Networks
  6. Different Ad Formats
  7. Keywords – significance and planning
  8. Using Keyword Planner and other tools
  9. Keyword matches and their usage
  10. Campaign Structure and Organisation
  11. Quality, Rank and Relevance of Ads
  12. Bidding and budget
  13. Targeting Setting
  14. Extensions and their usage
  15. Ad policies and approvals metrics
  16. Conversion Tracking
  17. Campaign Optimisation


Part- 2 Search Advertising & Google Ads Tools
  1. Keywords – planning, matching and combination
  2. Specifications of an Ad and how to put it to good use
  3. Managing Invalid Clicks
  4. Ad extensions and usage
  5. Dynamic search ads
  6. Landing page – your virtual front
  7. Campaign Experiment
  8. Opportunities Tab
  9. Google Ads APIs
  10. Google Ads editor – Benefits and usage
  11. Managing multiple accounts


Part- 3 Display Advertising using Google Ad
  1. Google Display Network and Partnerships
  2. Double Click Ad Exchange and AdSense
  3. Campaign Creation and Structuring for display
  4. Keyword and targeting through display network
  5. Campaign Metrics, Analysis and optimization


Part- 4 Video Advertising using YouTube
  1. YouTube – why you need to be there?
  2. YouTube format, tools and targeting
  3. Video Campaign Creation
  4. Video Campaign tracking and optimization
  5. Video Ad performance and best practices
  6. You Tube Analytics


Part- 5 Advertising on Mobile
  1. Importance of Mobile and Opportunities to Leverage
  2. Key Objectives for Mobile Marketing
  3. Ad Formats and Networks for Mobile
  4. Mobile Site: Key Considerations
  5. Mobile App: Key Considerations
  6. Mobile specific bidding and targeting
  7. Apps Marketing
  8. Mobile Analytics, Reporting and Optimization


Part- 6 Shopping Advertising with Google
  1. Google Shopping and Merchant Centre
  2. Setting up an account in Merchant Centre – single and multiclient
  3. Setting up and using Product Feed
  4. Setting up and managing product campaigns
  5. Tracking and optimization
  6. How to make the best usage of Shopping Campaigns


  1. How search engines work
  2. Search Results – types and significance
  3. Different search queries and their significance
  4. Understanding SEO and key factors determining the same
  5. Components on SEO – onsite and off page
  6. Content driven SEO
  7. Keyword Research and Planning
  8. Using tools to get effective keywords
  9. Long tail keywords – the hidden gems
  10. Art and science of tags, schema and descriptions
  11. Broken Links, Internal Links and Duplicate contents
  12. Implementing Robot.txt, htaccess and Sitemap
  13. Link building and its importance
  14. Avoiding harmful links
  15. Finding and leveraging link building opportunities
  16. Creating a link building plan
  17. Major google updates and their implications on SEO
  18. Using Search Console for SEO
  19. Tools for SEO
  20. Understanding the nuances of local and international SEO
  21. Accelerated Mobile Pages and SEO implications
  22. KPIs of SEO
  23. Artificial Intelligence, Voice search and future of SEO
  24. Planning for SEO


Part- 1 Social Media Management
  1. Evolution of social media
  2. What social media can do for you
  3. Different social media platforms
  4. Unwritten rules of Social Media Marketing
  5. Facebook for business
  6. Using of Facebook tabs and apps
  7. Using of Facebook groups and events
  8. Facebook page Insights
  9. Creating and running Facebook ads
  10. Targeting – the structured approach
  11. Instagram for business
  12. Instagram strategies
  13. Introduction to Twitter and its terminologies
  14. Creating a good Twitter profile
  15. Building followers on Twitter
  16. Twitter as an influencer marketing tool
  17. Twitter Ads
  18. Twitter Analytics
  19. LinkedIn for Business
  20. Profile, Pages and Pulse in LinkedIn
  21. B2B marketing using Linked In
  22. LinkedIn Ads and Analytics
  23. Introduction to Pinterest for Business
  24. Pinterest strategies
  25. Using Snapchat – New kid on the block
  26. Social media tools for automation
  27. Social Media Analytics
  28. Creating a social media calendar
  29. Online Reputation Management


Part- 2 Web Analytics
  1. Introduction to web analytics
  2. Importance of web analytics
  3. How web analytics work
  4. Analytics Framework
  5. Goals, Objectives and KPIs
  6. Contextualizing of Data
  7. Segmentation of Data
  8. Making analytics actionable
  9. Attribution Modelling
  10. Campaign tracking through URL
  11. Different types of web analytics and the respective tools
  12. A/B testing and ‘test and learn’ approach


  1. How Google Analytics work
  2. Dimensions, metrics and other common terminologies
  3. Setting up Google analytics
  4. Creating and customizing reports and dashboards
  5. Audience Analysis
  6. Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion- understanding the data across the funnel
  7. Channel Analysis- Source and Medium
  8. Goal setting and conversion tracking
  9. Content Performance
  10. Analytics User flow
  11. Leveraging real time analytics
  12. Content Experiment through Optimise
  13. Linking and using Search Console and Google Ads with Google Analytics
  14. Introduction to Google Data Studio


  1. Importance of Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing is Modern Marketing
  2. Principles of Inbound Marketing Content
  3. Marketing impact on SEO, Social Media and PPC Marketing


  1. 100% LIVE AD CAMPAIGNS TRAINING- When We Say Live, We Mean It!

Tools that you will be using in this course:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Searchmetrics
  • SEMrush
  • Deepcrawl
  • Google keyword planner
  • Facebook Ad manager
  • Social media Ads

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