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All about keywords and keyword research for SEO

All about keywords and keyword research for SEO

What is Keyword-


The keywords are a word which we use on our contents of website, blog & posts. Basically, the keywords are the backbone of contents.  Because the quality of the keywords increases the traffic on the website and it also helps to optimize the content.

Most of the users make uses the google search engine to get information.  And google spider crawl all the websites and contents and an immense number of webpages are indexed.

When users put keyword/key phrase in a search engine to get information then crawler analysed the indexed and choose the best key phrase contents and shows on SERP’s (search engine result page). That is why keywords are very important for the website content and for the targeted audience are looking for. Choice of wrong keywords can increase the traffic on the website but it will not help to increase your business growth.

Tools for keywords-

SEMrush- It is a paid tool which helps us to find an organic & paid measure for your short keyword, related keywords, more. Helps you to keyword research, track keyword ranking, check backlinks, check competitor ranks etc.

Free tools-

Google AdWords keyword planner

Google Trends

Keyword Shitter

Answer the Public

Google Correlate

Keywords Everywhere

Google Search Console


Types of Keywords-

Short-tail keyword- These are short keywords even not more than three words. Short-tail keywords have a wide range of search volumes because of mostly users habitual of using short words.

Long-tail keyword- Long-tail keyword embrace of more than 3 words. And even long tail keywords have lower volume and less competitive compared to short -tail keywords. But they are more specific about the search intent.

Short -term fresh keyword- When you want to go with fresh keywords than in that case choose those keywords who promote recently.

Long-term Evergreen keyword- These keywords are admissible all the time. Their volume can vary now and then but there will not be uttermost changes.

Product defining keyword- Users searches for product defining keyword then they looking for something specific. When you choose for product defining keyword remember to be as detailed as possible.

The best way to create a detailed description of each product.

Customer defining keyword- These keywords are intense on target customers. If your business is for website customers will choose keywords like:

  • Good web design
  • Web builder
  • Low-cost website design


Geo-targeting keyword- You can choose a city, state, country and pin code using the geo-targeting keyword.

LSI Keyword- LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) that are closely related to your main keyword. It is very useful in contents and blog posts creation. For eg. Your main keyword is fashion then LSI keyword will be a fashion show, new fashion, fashion event.

Intent targeting keywords-

Three categories of Intent –

Informational – When the user wants information for a specific topic, item. Then the user will type what is, why, how, Importance (topic name) etc.

Navigational – Users looking for something nearest place, the direction of place, list of items/ places etc.

Transactional- When you want to purchase something then compare the products, price, offer from multiple stores or online shopping and get the best deal.

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