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All about Digital Marketing

All about Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is promoting of products/service/brands and Organization using digital technologies through the internet that are accessed in electronic media like laptop, computer, mobile phones, tablets that credibly acquire and manage link with marketer and customer.


In the last decade or so the world has demonstrated a change in perspective from analogue to digital. People are getting all information online and digital marketing the way to reach a targeted audience. We can select your own audience and budget and reach a vast audience at a lower cost. Earlier getting the product/service marketed for small businesses was a big task in itself. Moreover, for any business to survive that is really building a reputation. It is obvious that customer only selects that company which doesn’t involve in any misconduct. Digital marketing offering us multiple ways to build a reputation with your customers. Electronic channels like email and social media you can always offer to your customer for their queries and problem.

Digital Marketing Channels

Pay Per Click Advertising-

PPC is basically buying visits to your site. When the user clicks on and then it will charge you. This is called inorganic audience. Google AdWords is also a form of PPC advertising. Facebook ads and other social media ads are paid social media advertising.

Social media–

Facebook Advertising, Posts, share post and Pages like a Facebook storefront

Instagram advertising, and accounts

LinkedIn advertising, company profile and group

Twitter account and advertising

Pinterest account and share and upload images, videos.

Paid Search Advertising- In Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines you run text ads to acquire traffic on search engine result page (SERP). This can be done from the Google AdWords tool. In which we will pay for a high-rank keyword.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- If you do not want to pay to rank your page on SERP (Search Engine Result page) then you can use SEO or post blogs on your website. It gives result organically. It is a technique to increase the traffic on your website. To achieve this we need to use relevant content, links, images, videos to get an organic result on SERP. SEO is an act of getting crawled the contents, indexed and rank well in google or another search. If you publish implausible content on your website, people are going to relate to it. This can exceptionally boost your rankings.

Content marketing- It is also another adequately wide digital marketing term. It is focused on creating, editing and publishing the contents for a targeted audience online. It covers content assets (blogs, video, infographic) to make brand awareness, leads and sales.

Online PR- This digital channel is used to convince people online via stories, columns, online events etc.

Native Advertising- when we get down to the bottom of the article then a list of articles will appear. This is Native advertising. And it is considered under content marketing because it uses contents to attract clicks.

Email Marketing- Email Marketing is also a marketing term. Which uses for the organic result. Most of the marketers use email marketing to promote their business or products.

Affiliate Marketing-

Affiliate marketing is another electronic channel wherein a person sells your products or other products on their website. And get the sales commission for this. Even there are a lot of different ways to promote your business online. many organizations hire an agency to market their product/service.

The future of digital promoting appears to be splendid right now. However, while brands were prior to competing with one another’s advertising methodology now the focus has moved to a battle against the entire web.

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