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This practical SEO certification is designed to cover on the page, off the page and technical SEO along with performance reporting. Join our 100% practical courses. Go Digital with DnA.
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Advanced SEO

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is a process of making continuous technical and non-technical improvements on your website so that it shows at a top position in Google search, without making a payment. It is also called a non-paid search or organic search.

Jobs in SEO

More than in India, there is a great requirement arising abroad for the SEO jobs. Due to cost constraints, quite a few companies cannot afford to set up paid advertising but they still want to be number 1 in Google. SEO is a technique to achieve this goal and job opportunities are amazing.

Why do you need a certification in Digital Marketing?

Since SEO is a skill-based role, every recruiter looks for a certification followed by some practical interview rounds.

Duration of the course and fee structure

In this course, you learn through a 100% practical approach. This means that you make changes on a real website (not demo environments) and you can see those results live.

The duration of this course is up-to 1.5 months.

Our fee structure is least in the market and customized based on your learning needs and you can pay in instalments. Please give us a call back to know more.

Course syllabus:

Below are the key topics covered in course syllabus:


  • Introduction to search engines and website navigation
    • The evolution of search and search engines
    • How search works
    • Who needs SEO?
    • Different forms of digital marketing compared to SEO
    • Navigating to a new website to understand site structure


  • Keyword research and discovery
    • Intro to the need of keyword research
    • The art of keyword research
    • Hands-on experience with the keyword research
    • Using various global licenced tools to perform keyword research


  • On page elements
    • Metadata (Title, H1 tags and descriptions)
    • Content writing (anchor texts and internal linking)
    • Image optimization
    • URL – understanding and technical
    • Hands-on experience to create on page elements using global tools


  • Off-page elements
    • Intro to the backlinks
    • Backlink acquisition process
    • Backlink review and control
    • Hands-on experience with doing backlink review and link acquisition


  • Account management
    • Introduction to webmasters tool
    • Key metrics – clicks, impressions, CTR and average position
    • Introduction to – crawl status, crawl errors, etc.
    • How to communicate with Google
    • Fetch as Google
    • Sitemaps
    • txt
    • Disavow file


  • Technical SEO & SEO reporting
    • Intro to duplicate content management
    • Intro to schema
    • Intro to nofollow, no index
    • URL errors



  • SEO Analysis and Reporting
    • Using webmasters to report
    • Using analytics to report
    • Using global tools to report

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